Being at the start of a technical revolution for immersive learning is exciting and the promise for positive change is energizing.

The expectations are great, and the responsibility for delivering quality results is even greater. We want you to be successful in your quest to learn more about immersive learning. To that end, we’ve put together this resource page, which we hope you will find interesting and informative.




While many people have heard of VR, few truly understand how profound the technology will be when it comes to how we learn. In this book, Christian goes into detail about the potential impact of immersive learning from the digitization of formal approaches to education, such as learning by doing, to gifting students and instructors with virtual superpowers.

“In addition to all the reasons VR enhances learning, the fact that it is more integrated into the human experience means that it will not only be integral to the learning process but our everyday lives as well.”



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VR to Assess & Promote Transfer of Memory Training

One of the primary concerns for older adults is age-related memory loss, which is targeted by cognitive intervention programs to reduce the impact of cognitive decline. Memory training generally involves teaching mnemonics known to improve the quality of encoding and...

VR to Assess & Promote Transfer of Memory Training

One of the primary concerns for older adults is age-related memory loss, which is targeted by cognitive intervention programs to reduce the impact of cognitive decline. Memory training generally involves teaching mnemonics known to improve the quality of encoding and...

AEC Businesses Invest In Immersive Technologies

AEC businesses that invest in immersive technologies are investing in their future. Check out what From The Future has to say on the subject in issue 8 of VRWorldTech Magazine View full article

VR software of universe

Researchers at one of Switzerland’s top universities are releasing open-source beta software on Tuesday that allows for virtual visits through the cosmos including up to the International Space Station, past the Moon, Saturn or exoplanets, over galaxies and well...

Misconceptions About VR Training

Rumour has it a new myth about VR training is born every day. The more people hear about virtual reality (VR) technology, the more misconceptions are fabricated, including new speculations and concerns. Is VR training here to stay? Is VR training expensive? Unhygienic...

Science of Spatial Learning

There is a strong underlying truth which continuously fuels the growth of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. It is not the technical supremacy or first of its kind aspects. But the astonishing biological factors which directly influence the human brain in a much deeper...

VR Psychologist

How Virtual Reality (VR) can allow us another perspective on ourselves, and how this may better our mental health. View full article

VR For Employee Education

When I put together the concepts I learned from gaming and applied them to retention techniques, the impact of immersive virtual reality or PC-based training became my focus — specifically in the area of workplace safety, where people can die if life-saving rules...

Accessible and Inclusive Workplace

Many people with disabilities still face significant difficulties in finding employment, despite the marked improvement after the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted. When they get new jobs, they then may face a workplace environment that is not tailored to...

VR – Communicating Climate Change

The immersiveness and agency users experience in virtual reality sets this medium apart when it comes to communicating climate change. View full article

“American philosopher John Dewey had a profound effect on education and psychology. He was most famous for his views on progressive education, which gives more value to experience than formal learning or learning by doing. Dewey reasoned that to understand life, you must experience it. He found that when students interacted with their environment, they were quicker to adapt and learn. He also believed this was true of teachers and that students and teachers must learn together.

Carrying this philosophy into virtual reality means giving educators the ability to join students in VR so they can guide, enhance, and continue to learn as well. As you will read later in this book, involving the teacher or trainer is a vital part of VR education effectiveness, and is often overlooked in first-generation VR training.”



The price is coming down and we are building a library of existing training that could meet your needs with a simple and affordable licensing agreement. Our product platforms that we use as launch pads for custom content absorb eighty-five percent that “from the ground up” development can cost.


Off the shelf products require no time at all. Custom projects can take one to six months, depending on the amount of content.



Absolutely, without a doubt. Not only will the training be faster and more engaging than the old presentation style of teaching, but learners will leave the virtual classroom with more in-depth knowledge and be on the job faster with less supervision.


The Hololab VR Training platform is designed to be a fast on ramp to VR and to be easy to modify in the future. The VR slides are particularly quick to modify using our custom pipeline from popular presentation software. Voice overs are computer generated and multilingual. Changes are as easy as typing in new text. VR forms and other documents are created in VR through an AI text recognition service that FTF utilizes for quick form changes.


Yes. Any LMS that has an API (application programming interface) for access can be utilized by our team to write records too. For systems that do not have an API, our team can work with IT to create one.



Yes. With our DRIVE Control software, managers can review sessions while trainees are in progress as well as after they have completed.  Trainers can view progress widgets and see scores as they occur or they can review results later in dashboard views.

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