Physical Therapy


Lucid is the first Virtual Reality based application aimed at promoting physical activity among individuals at risk, or suffering from back pain. Using engagement-based machine learning algorithms, unique patient data is monitored, recorded and updated. Through the KinneAssist MX treadmill, Lucid offers a fully immersive experience. Promoting a distraction from pain via cognitive engagement.

The Lucid project was born from an NIH SBIR grant and then went on to be installed in both physical and neuro rehab facilities. The VR game works with the KineAssist MX, a robotic treadmill. The Lucid game and technology can be adopted to any physical therapy equipment capable of communicating position.

“Lucid. Rehabilitation through immersion in VR. Promoting a distraction from pain via cognitive engagement.” 

Features list:

  • VR game that moves a user through 3D space as a warrior while on a robotic treadmill
  • Communicates with any device that uses the MQTT protocol
  • Works with mobile VR headsets for minimal technical fuss
  • Move, bend, stretch while fighting fantasy monsters

      “In my experience, Mr. Mike Christian is one of the most innovative and forward thinking technologists I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Any product that we have worked on together, is something that has been a significant contribution to the field of rehabilitation.”

      Dr. David Brown

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