Interactive Spatial Experience

G6 Hospitality

Anyone can do walkthroughs these days. The Interactive Spatial Experience turns a walkthrough into an engaging experience for interacting with the environment and communicating company messages and culture. The Motel 6 ISE VR application showcased hotel features and provided user fun, interactive ways to learn about them from seeing the holographic CEO in the mirror to jumping on the beds.

A Virtual hotel, showcasing the brands’ new prototype building design.

Features list:

  • Beautiful and realistic details at fast frame rates for VR
  • Unique interface for teleporting from spot to spot using a baseball or cricket ball
  • Messaging through Holographically projected people
  • Fun items such as a stuffed sheep, party fridge, jumping on a bed, surprising a giant rubber duck in the shower
  • Operational doors, sliding showers, toilets, refrigerator, snacks, phone, etc

    “G6 hospitality had From the Future build a virtual hotel for the purpose of showcasing the brands’ new prototype building design. Our goal in building the hotel in a virtual environment was to allow our existing and prospective franchisees to experience the hotel from a guests perspective when we did not have one already constructed. The brand hoped to use the virtual environment to reduce our development costs by bringing the hotel to the prospective franchisees rather than bring the franchisee to the hotel. The virtual environment has contributed to the brand having the highest conversion to the new product in the brand’s history and one of the most robust new construction pipelines in the industry.”

    – Mike Panzer, VP Design and Construction

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