Hololab Training & Education

Training and Education benefit from the base features of Hololab VR by providing a fast on-ramp for slide material, multi-user avatars, desktop activities, and simulations. Sophisticated hand interactions allow students to engage with items in the scene which helps facilitate a learning-by-doing education. Quiz and test support both inside and outside of VR, via smartphone applications, can teach and then monitor retention after the fact.

“Hololab helps facilitate a learning-by-doing education.” 

Features list:

• Fast on-ramp for existing training material

• Desktop activities

• High fidelity hand interactions

• Multi-User avatars and different modes for students and teachers

• Non-VR support, iPads, PCs, etc.

• Data reporting and LMS integration

“It is my opinion that the initial cost to develop VR training and education modules is far less than the long-term cost of safety and travel expenses.”

– Bob Gajeske, CEO, Gajeske Inc.

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