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Boom Lift Training

The Hololab DPR Boom Lift VR application trains construction workers how to operate a boom lift “DPR Construction style”, safely and expertly. The course consists of five modules which include both slide content and desktop activities. The inspection module tests the student’s abilities by having them conduct an inspection with random issues that are different every time. The operation module has the students operate a full size boom lift on a construction site where they must collect three flags that are randomly generated in different locations at different heights. 

Hololab DPR Boom Lift VR
trains construction workers how to operate a boom lift
DPR Construction style

Features list:

Features list:

  • VR Controls and PPE – learn how to operate the VR while getting familiar with PPE
  • Safety, Responsibility & Worksite Hazard Assessment – Operate a desktop boom lift in hazardous scenarios
  • Familiarization – Different types of MEWPs and common boom lift features
  • Boom Lift Inspection – Use the official DPR checklist to inspect a boom lift
  • Operation – Capture all the flags with maximum safety awareness and operation skill
  • Data report saved and stored for engagement metrics and simulation performance

“VR has a superpower I like to call empathy teleportation. You know those training videos with the horrible reenactments of safety violations? Where everyone felt like that could never happen to me? VR can put you in that scenario and let you experience those unfortunate events for yourself.”

– Nelson Pascoal, MEP Coordinator

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