Virtual reality will revolutionize how we learn. This bold and exciting statement is at the heart of the book “How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Training and Education”. While many people have heard of VR, few truly understand how profound the technology will be when it comes to how we learn. In this book, Christian goes into detail about the potential impact of immersive learning from the digitization of formal approaches to education, such as learning by doing, to gifting students and instructors with virtual superpowers. Christian draws on decades of experience creating virtual worlds and developing VR applications for training, therapy, and rehabilitation to clearly communicate the potential of this new medium. You will not only learn how VR will enhance training and education but also how it might hold the key to developing heightened intelligence on the level of geniuses such as Richard Feynman.

“I am writing this book, not only to communicate the potential of VR in training and education, but hopefully to help you have your own light bulb moment and bring you into this new reality.
A reality that has no limits on improving the human condition.”

About the author

Mike Christian is a founder and CEO of From the Future, a leader in immersive technologies focused on improving the human condition through enhanced learning, therapy, and rehabilitation. Utilizing degrees in Economics and Computer Science, he has spent over two decades creating virtual worlds and artificial intelligence for Atari, THQ, and From the Future. His latest book is titled, How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Training and Education.

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