Can Virtual Reality Turn You Into Johnny Mnemonic?

Integrating Mnemonics in VR for Super Cyberpunk Retention.


VR can leverage known mnemonic techniques to supercharge retention and open doors for new ways of learning. Much has been researched and written about how VR education and training naturally improves retention. How do you remember the more mundane yet important parts or technically confusing required elements? The answer is by augmenting the VR learning with proven mnemonic techniques and striking a balance between that and VR theatrics. 

The purpose of this article was to get my fellow educators and VR developers to think how they might use this medium in new ways to reinforce memory and not just rely on the natural retentive aspects of VR. The true power of VR as a tool in learning will be realized when we, as educators and developers, become familiar with techniques in different disciplines and areas of study such as neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and even early education.

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