The Adult Patient Assessment virtual reality module is a bold step into the future of integrated curricula and is available today. Students can scale Miller’s pyramid of clinical competence in minutes by being immersed in a unique digital integration of classroom material, hands-on clinical experience, AI patient simulation, and voice-to-text conversation system.

The Adult Patient Assessment VR learning module is an educational intervention for classroom-to-workplace or workplace-to-classroom. Students or employees can select from ten micro lessons with the module to best fit their educational program or refresher needs.


Learn about the PPE and proper procedures before, during, and after an assessment.

Patient Observation and Interview

Talk naturally to David to ask questions about his visit purpose, information, social history, medical history, mental status, and pain situation.


Learn about common respiratory sounds and how to find and listen to them using a stethoscope.

Counting Respirations

Observe and record a patient’s respiratory rate.

Pulse Check

Pulse-check a patient with audio and haptic feedback.

Skin Condition

Observe and record a patient’s skin condition.

Blood Pressure

Learn to take a patient’s blood pressure with an old-school cuff, stethoscope, and clock.

Blood Glucose

Take a patient’s blood glucose while following sanitization procedures.


Utilize a mobile EKG unit to learn about proper lead placement.

Pupil Dilation

Conduct a swinging light response pupil test on a patient and learn about the different types of dilations.


Take and record a patient’s temperature using a temporal thermometer. Learn the importance of distance and angle.

After completing the integrated micro-lessons, the student can test what they learned by being presented with a set of random patient vitals within their selected range of lessons. At the end, a report is generated and sent via email to the designated recipient.

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Bridging the Gap

An aging population, aging nurses, a shortage of nursing education faculty, and an increased demand for healthcare services have severe implications for patient care and safety. Throw in nurse burnout from the pandemic and healthcare approach crisis levels. Recent results from a Fall 2022 American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) survey show declining student enrollment across nursing enrollment levels. The bottom line, the problems are getting worse instead of better.

Meet David, our AI patient persona.

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The following platforms are supported:

Meta Quest 2 and Pro

Meta Quest 2 and Pro

Pico Neo 3 and 4 Series

Pico Neo 3 and 4 Series

HTC XR Elite, Focus, Pro, and Cosmos Series

HTC XR Elite, Focus, Pro, and Cosmos Series

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