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From The Future’s creative and technical depth comes from decades of experience in high tech industries, such as video gaming and defense flight simulation.

This experience has put FTF on the forefront of several upcoming waves of technological innovation. The latest being virtual and augmented reality.

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During the development of over fifty virtual reality experiences and games, we soon realized the true potential of this new medium to significantly change how people will be able to learn. This realization was so compelling that we made it our mission to create the very best in immersive learning software, equipped to meet the training and educational challenges we face in the real world.

Education and training in the last 100 years has fundamentally remained the same where many students have been passive learners with the only measurable insight into results coming from testing. On the job training is limited in time, available trainers, and equipment. High risk jobs have difficulty in effectively training for rare, adverse, and dangerous scenarios. 

FTF worked with clients to create VR training based on existing CBT (Computer Based Training). This approach was a combination of up front video lessons followed by a simulation of the scenarios being trained on. While the approach was successful in advancing the training significantly, the company could envision an even more effective and compelling approach,  Thus was born the next generation of VR training and education software, the DRIVE and Hololab platforms. This approach increased the efficiency of implementation and effectiveness of the learning by seamlessly integrating existing learning content with advanced, hands-on learning activities and simulations.

Our Vision

Being at the start of a technical revolution for training and education is exciting. The promise for positive change is energizing. Not only is the responsibility for meeting these expectations great, especially for content creators, but it is also a responsibility we will all need to share to see the change sooner rather than later. The change will come, that is a near certainty. 


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Success requires all hands on deck. Trainers, teachers, consultants, investors, therapists, salespersons, executives, industry leaders, visionaries, speakers, writers, the list goes on. Critics, as usual, will have the easier job of pointing out what doesn’t work, but that too can be a valuable contribution, when the path is forward, and after problems have been addressed.

We hope you are at least half as excited as we are about the future of VR training and education. The sensation is like standing on a mountain of potential and seeing the impact that you could have laid out in a valley before you. Like explorers coming off that mountain, we are looking forward to the discoveries and the paths that we take in finding new ways to benefit people. Whether it’s to help a person do their job more safely on a construction site or enable a person that has autism to elevate themselves enough to have a job and function well in society, the possibilities are endless. 

FTF is committed to improve learning through immersive technologies such as virtual reality. Will you join us?


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Meet From The Future

VR World Tech Magazine, June 2021

Construction industry companies are not set up to do virtual reality training. Luckily, with providers such as From The Future out there, they don’t have to be.

“We hope you are at least half as excited as we are about the future of VR training and educationWe are looking forward to the discoveries and the paths that we take in finding new ways to benefit people.”

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Oculus for Business

ISV Partner

The University of Texas Medical Branch

Providing great care, through innovative thinking and effective solutions


Virtual reality design and consultation firm focused on Education

DPR Construction

Commercial general contractor and construction management firm

Bright Future VR

VR environments for behavior analysis, occupational and speech therapy

VR Gluv

Force feedback haptic gloves for virtual reality use

VR/AR Association

Foster collaboration between innovative companies and brands in the VR and AR ecosystem

University of North Texas

Leading university in the North Texas region


Changing the global marketplace, setting industry standards for quality, reliability and safety


Deploying XR is difficult. We make it easy.




DPR Construction

VR has a superpower I like to call empathy teleportation. You know those training videos with the horrible reenactments of safety violations? Where everyone felt like that could never happen to me? VR can put you in that scenario and let you experience those unfortunate events for yourself.

– Nelson Pascoal, MEP Coordinator


It is my opinion that the initial cost to develop VR training and education modules is far less than the long-term cost of safety and travel expenses.

– Bob Gajeske, CEO, Gajeske Inc. (Energy Industry)

G6 Hospitality

G6 hospitality had From the Future build a virtual hotel for the purpose of showcasing the brands’ new prototype building design. Our goal in building the hotel in a virtual environment was to allow our existing and prospective franchisees to experience the hotel from a guests perspective when we did not have one already constructed. The brand hoped to use the virtual environment to reduce our development costs by bringing the hotel to the prospective franchisees rather than bring the franchisee to the hotel. The virtual environment has contributed to the brand having the highest conversion to the new product in the brand’s history and one of the most robust new construction pipelines in the industry.

– Mike Panzer, VP Design and Construction, G6 Hospitality LLC


I met with Justin Mullin, the VP of Business Development for From the Future and he demonstrated their capabilities to me and I was blown away… With their software, I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the training possibilities… This is very much in line with what we have been working on but From The Future has the programming skills to push it over the finish line and the experience is so much superior to the VR platforms that other manufacturers are pushing. Vastly superior.

– Scott Owyen, Director of Training, Genie (A Terex Brand)

University of North Texas

For me, virtual reality, like simulation, should be used to replace experiences that are too costly, or unsafe, difficult to replicate, or not possible in the physical world.

– Dr. Aleshia Hayes, Asst. Professor of Learning Technology

University of Texas Medical Branch

In my experience, Mr. Mike Christian is one of the most innovative and forward thinking technologists I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Any product that we have worked on together, is something that has been a significant contribution to the field of rehabilitation.

– Dr. David Brown


Mike Christian

Mike Christian


and Co-founder

Stephen Hess

Stephen Hess


and Co-founder

Joey Bryant

Joey Bryant

Creative Director

and Co-founder

Kyle Rives

Kyle Rives

Visual Director

and Co-founder

Justin Mullin

Justin Mullin

VP Business Development

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